I am a passionate terrapin keeper, who, after acquiring my first terrapin at the age of 18, has been obsessed with them ever since.

During my years I’ve encountered virtually every problem an owner is ever likely to face. From illness and disease, through to unexpected breeding, I have even had to deal with the grumpiest terrapin you are ever likely to meet!

Throughout all of my trials and tribulations, I have read countless books, articles and websites to further my knowledge on terrapin care. As a terrapin keeper since 1999, I have put this site together to help you become a better terrapin owner and to enjoy and learn from.

Quite simply, I was sick to death of the lack of quality terrapin information that is available for free.  My site is the most comprehensive free terrapin care guide on the Internet – Welcome!

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Would you love to adopt a terrapin?

If you would love to give a good home to a poor unwanted pet terrapin, we have provided a complete handbook on everything you need to know about looking after your very own pet terrapin – please check out the complete terrapin guide.