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“In just 30 minutes time my owner will turn you into a complete Terrapin expert…even if you have ZERO previous experience.

As his treasured pet I have been blissfully happy, in tip-top health and can’t remember what the vet looks like!

Oh yes, my owner even knows how to SAVE MY LIFE! My Hero!”

From: Terry the Terrapin, Nottingham, England

Subject: How My Owner Saved My Life!

Dear Human,

It can be a hard life. Being a terrapin I mean. You humans have it easy in comparison. We have to put up with lousy owners who grow bored of our cute charms and start taking shortcuts.

The long country walks are the first things to go. Then the gourmet food disappears. I mean come on, do YOU like dry cornflakes? I have to think of my figure you know. Last Christmas I could barely squeeze into my shell for goodness sakes.

Our once, ocean clear water becomes gravy looking and smells of poo. Sorry, I’m just being real with ya. It can be hellish.

So when you’re lucky enough to have an owner like Paul, (I know. Don’t humans have some ridiculous names?) you realize what all turtles should be living like. Livin’ large baby!

At first we didn’t get on, he kept me in glass box not even big enough to swing a catfish in. It felt like I was in prison ….except I didn’t have a TV!

Paul used to sit in front of me reading all manner of books about terrapins. At the time I thought it was ME that was the problem. I thought he was looking to replace me with one of the ‘cover models’ from these terrapin books he was reading.

I was WRONG.

What he was actually do was researching – finding ways he could start to look after me better and give me a better life. I was shell-shocked! He DID LOVE ME!!!!

Although he never admitted it he actually quite liked me. He liked the color of my shell (green is soo in this year!), and my little pointed nose that reminded him of his own (except I am infinitely better looking).

So within a few short weeks I moved in to a new larger home, fully furbished with plush interior such as power water filters, top of the range rocks, and fantastic lighting that could be used in the movies. I was on cloud….well… rock nine!

My water was no longer dirty, in fact I could see my claws again! It was an amazing experience and I felt so invigorated!

Then, a terrapin disaster happened. In my excitement at me change in fortunes, I accidentally slipped and fell on to a rock. It cracked my shell open and it was agony. I’ve heard it hurts humans when they break a finger nail, come on don’t be so pathetic – I now know what real pain is.

Anyway, there I am lying on my back wondering what terrapin heaven is like and if they have a spa there when suddenly Paul’s hand reaches in and picks me up. “Careful you idiot, you don’t know what you’re doing!” I shouted……he didn’t seem to hear me.

What happened next surprised me even more. He actually knew what to do! Carefully he cleaned and dressed the wound. He placed me in my own ‘recovery quarters’ and kept a close eye on me for the next few days. Before I knew it my shell was as good as new and I was fighting fit again.


And for that I am eternally grateful. In fact not just for that, but for everything he has done for me since I first met him. His willingness to learn about me and my needs has led me to enjoy a life that most terrapins can only dream of. I am one incredibly lucky terrapin.

I have heard he has compiled everything he learnt and is selling it on the Internet (I hope that’s not a kind of fishing net, those things are real hard to get out of). If any humans read this who have a terrapin as a pet then please, for the sake of turtles everywhere – start learning how to care for us properly! (You can purchase Paul’s guide below). Best Wishes,

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Are you ready for what you are about to learn? This guide could not only save you money on vet bills but could even save your terrapins life.

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Because the guide is delivered via a secure online download rather than a hard copy book I can give you unlimited free updates for life. This means whenever I add new chapters or update the guide you will get the new information for free.

Just check out some of the incredible titbits you will discover:

Why your specific type of terrapin directly effects the temperature, water conditions, and diet it will need to stay healthy and avoid costly trips to the vet

How you can use left over food from around the house to feed your terrapin a nutritionally balanced meal – saving you money on specialist pet food

Learn exactly what equipment your terrapin needs to thrive and how to get the best products for the least amount of money

How you can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your terrapin and it’s aquarium just by taking one simple action, giving you more free time to enjoy your life

Learn how large your terrapin will grow and how you work out how much living space it needs, meaning you never have to buy a new aquarium again

Find out the symptoms, causes and cures for every disease and illness your terrapin is ever likely to experience. Meaning less trips to the vets and more money in your back pocket

Find out how to construct the perfect terrapin aquarium, giving your pet everything it needs to avoid diseases, so you can live a more stress-free life

Learn the 11 point checklist for a healthy terrapin and ensure you stop a disease before you have to take an expensive trip to the vets

Find out why the position you place your terrapin aquarium will directly effect how healthy it is, and learn the best place in your home to keep it disease free!Free Guide Preview:


You’ll also find out:

How to put a stop to algae in your terrapins aquarium without buying expensive and dangerous water treatments, saving you time and money!

How to put a stop to algae in your terrapins aquarium without buying expensive and dangerous water treatments, saving you time and money! 

Discover what the vet doesn’t want you to know – how to groom your terrapin, administer medicines and pull ticks without needing to spend money on the help of an ‘expert’

Why a terrapin can be safely left home-alone for a few days and how to prepare it for a longer break so you can enjoy your holiday without worry

How to safely and successfully breed terrapin, helping you make money from selling the babies, meaning you never have to visit the pet store again

Learn what your terrapin is trying to tell you so you can understand it’s moods and spot diseases before they put your turtles life at risk

Find out how to train your terrapin to your touch or voice for hours of entertainment for your turtle, you and your guests

Gain the knowledge that allows you to safely transport your terrapin over long distances without causing illnesses that require expensive treatments

Find out how to spot if your terrapin has any hereditary diseases before you buy it, meaning you never end up with an unhealthy pet and unhealthy bank balance

Learn why hibernating your terrapin can be essential to it’s health and how hibernating alone will save you a tonne of cash! … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Paul tried to cover all the bases. Some of this, lots of that – all put together in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for all things related to turtle care.

If you’re a newbie and need guidance, look no further. Paul has essentially shortened the learning curve for you. Because he has gained the knowledge over 10 years of hard research and presents it you now in your complete terrapin care guide.

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Testimonial – Jane and Todd in Illinois, USA

“Our Painted turtle was found in the road, and her tail was damaged. We brought her home and set up a place for her to be. The Turtle Guidebook certainly enlightened us as to the type of home she needs and all about the care and feeding of her.

Thank you so very much for making this information available!!

Testimonial – Joanne, Canada

“While there is a great deal of information available on the internet it is, for a turtle owner, valuable to have such a resource guide relating to our unusual pets.

I am very proud to say that my child has a greater understanding and care for animals then most humans and have incorporated your book into his home schooling program”

Testimonial – Violet, UK

“This was our first time with a turtle and although we had all the basics, we still didn’t have the experience , so this was really good in helping us get to know more about our terrapin.

It is a well thought out guidebook, with lots of information that helped and gave us good advice on what things to feed our terrapin and things like that. A five-star guidebook, and I would definitely

recommend it to my friends!”

Testimonial – Jane, Bulgaria

“Our Terrapin was found in our garden, we had no prior knowledge of keeping one, so to have the turtle Guide Book has made us so much more confident about keeping it.

As all aspects are covered it is great being able to look up any problem that we might have.Thank you for producing such a fantastic book

Testimonial – Aisleen, Ireland

“I was having problems with one of my terrapins not eating, I found that the guide book helped me a lot to identify the problem and find solutions to help get my terrapin back to good health.

Testimonial – David, Canada

“The turtle guide book is a good book i will recommend any one i know that is looking in to getting a turtle. It is a good book that covers all the basic on owning a pet turtle the book covers a lot of common pet turtles.

The turtle care book teach me how to breed my turtles and how to tell is there are sick the turtle care book is one of the best care books i have ever read and the other one can not compare to the turtle guide book.”

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