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Getting Help & Advice on Terrapin Care
When your terrapin becomes ill or starts behaving strangely you may not always know what to do. Like all animals you have to watch your pet terrapin carefully to try and diagnose any problems.

The first thing you should do if you suspect there is a problem with your terrapin is read the following articles:

Terrapin Illnesses

Healthy Terrapins

Terrapin Behaviour

If these do not help you diagnose the problem then you should consult your local veterinarian. You should take care to find a vet local to you that specializes in reptiles and terrapins.

You should also ensure you locate this specialist in advance of your terrapin becoming ill, the last thing you want in an emergency is to be ringing around all the vets in your area trying to find one that is suitably trained.

There is another option open to you too. Before visiting a vet for what could be quite expensive treatment you should try to find out more about any potential problem. The Turtle Guide Book is a guide you can use to do this.

As well as very detailed chapters on terrapin behaviour and diseases this guide also comes with a bonus guide called ‘Emergency First Aid for Turtles’. This can help you diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses and injuries before a costly visit to the vet is needed.

Because such a guide will allow you to take much more immediate action than a journey to the vet it can not only save you money but also save your terrapins life.

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Once you have purchased the guide you will also have access to email the author who is an expert on terrapin care. This means you can ask about the problem if it is not urgent and get an answer within a day or two.

One final option for you is to consult your local pet store or terrapin breeder. Often they will be able to give you basic care advice. However be aware that most pet stores are not experts on terrapins and so their advice should never be treated as 100% accurate.

Of course, if your local pet store specializes in reptiles and terrapins then their advice is likely to be better than a more general store. However, you should still seek the opinion of your vet to be sure.

Whatever the problem ignoring it is unlikely to help. If you want to be a responsible terrapin owner then you need to ensure you are providing the care your terrapin needs. Always seek the advice of an expert if anything about your terrapin concerns you.