Where to Buy Terrapins?


Where to Buy TerrapinsTerrapins are the turtles that normally live in the brackish water. It is difficult to see terrapins in the wild. They are mostly seen in the national aquariums or environment centre of different countries or are kept as pets at home. They can even be adopted by an individual from various schools also. Buying is another way to acquire this creature for personal possession. They are easily available in England but that depends upon their sex and particular species or size which may vary from 4 inches to more than 2ft. Terrapins are generally bought as hatchlings.

Sometimes due to inadequate experiences, smaller tanks and lack of interest causes death of terrapins after purchasing them which forces the owner to re-home the rest to the various Chelonia Groups of the locality. Terrapins are likely to be available in the shops dealing with reptiles or aquatic creatures but purchasing from a reputable shop is always recommended. Check that the aquarium water in the shop is clean and not overcrowded with terrapins. Before buying, make sure that you have made proper and adequate arrangements for them back in home. A spacious terrapinarium with UV lighting, water filtration system and temperature controlling device are the primary requirements for them. With increasing craze among young people for keeping different types of pets, terrapins are also gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. Other than African countries located in West, North or East of it, Vietnam, North America, Peru, Madagascar, Guyana and many more countries import terrapins directly.


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Brokers in UK and other countries who breed reptiles and amphibians in captivity can supply terrapins on demand. Quality terrapins for petting purpose are supplied by many importers of UK to the wholesalers, pet shops or the companies which supply as per mail orders. In captivity, terrapins are grown in mass by the whole sellers also, to be supplied to the retailers. Though illegal trading of terrapins is not allowed, several times they are sold in the markets across the border of different countries. In U.S.A., breeding or exportation of these hapless creatures is legal and flourishing. Sometimes "frozen" terrapins are shipped in which 400 to 500 hatchlings are loaded in a container which merely measures 32 cm x 32 cm x 6.5 cm in size. Many of them die or become sick by the time they rich their destination. Buy a healthy terrapin, or better still, adopt a terrapin, and look after them properly so that they can live happily away from their natural habitat, and that the animal is not stressed or suffering in any way. For more advice about buying terrapins please check out the complete terrapin guide.

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