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Do you wish to adopt a pet terrapin or need to find a new home for one?

We love to look after terrapins and turtles, but we understand that there is a limit to how many turtles you can have in one home!

We also understand that terrapins and turtles live for a long time, and sometimes our circumstances can change during the time that we are looking after a pet turtle.

What is important to us here at terrapins.co.uk is that we do our best to look after our pet terrapins and turtles, so that if you find your circumstances have changed, and that you can no longer look after your pet, then it is important to try to find a good home.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous pet owners have attempted to place their unwanted pets into the wilds of nature, but this is not a desirable outcome, either for the poor animal or for the environment. Don’t be cruel to your pet terrapin!

Look After your Pet Terrapin

In many parts of the world, terrapins are not native, and may even be classed as a pest, due to their nature of displacing the native animals in a particular region. So if an unwanted pet is released into the wild, and is subsequently found or handed over to the authorities, it will often be euthanized, as wildlife officers will not know whether it is a pet or a feral animal. So it is cruel to the animal to just release it.

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Look After the Environment

Don’t be irresponsible to the environment.  As we have just discussed, many domesticated animals are released by non-thinking owners, and these animals can multiply at the expense of the native populations of animals. This is irresponsible to the environment, and the results can be quite dramatic.

If the released animals create a breeding population, say in an enclosed pond, this might not seem like a major problem. Until a flood happens to release the now established breeding colony into a nearby river, whereby the feral animals can proceed to inhabit and colonise the entire waterway. It does happen.

Don’t let this happen!

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Be a responsible pet owner and do the right thing, both for your unwanted pet terrapins or pet turtles. Find a new terrapin home! We understand that circumstances can change, and we want to help you find a good solution if you should need to find a new home for your pet terrapin. We frequently receive emails from concerned animal lovers who have either found a lost terrapin, or who may be moving house or some other change in circumstances.

Thankfully, we have even been able to find a new home for some of these beloved little pet terrapins, so we encourage you to contact us here at terrapins.co.uk, and we can post your message and contact details in the hope that someone looking to acquire a pet terrapin can adopt one.

If you need to find a new home for your pet terrapin – please contact us by email! Please let us know your approximate location details so that we can match you up with a potential new home somewhere nearby!

Can you adopt a pet terrapin?

Likewise, we implore anyone looking to buy a terrapin or turtle, to consider re-homing or adopting a pre-loved pet, rather than purchasing from a pet dealer who may not have the best interests at heart. If you are in any way able to provide a home for a tame and attractive little pet terrapin, then we encourage you to scroll through some of the notices provided below, to see if any potential pets suit your requirements.

Once again, thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

Would you love to adopt a terrapin?

If you would love to give a good home to a poor unwanted pet terrapin, check out our complete terrapin guide – the complete handbook on everything you need to know about looking after your very own pet terrapin.

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  • Just want to say thank you so much for all your efforts in finding my musk a good home, i was worried it may fall into the wrong hands but thankfully Ozzie has given it a lovely new home with his other 2 musks, so I am very grateful for the job you do, thank you,

Warmest regards

  • Good Evening.  My roommate recently gave me a surprise gift…a turtle.  I have attempted to take care of it for the last 3 months but the work load is just too much for me and I am not really sure what to do.  I want to get rid of it, and I have posted on several sites such as gumtree but have been unable to locate a new owner.  I do not really want to just release it into the wild but I honestly do not know what other options are available.  Do you know of any organizations that would take it as a donation? I want the turtle to have a good life and a competent owner, but I just personally do not want to take care of it anymore.  Any information you have would be extremely helpful.
  • Happy to say that you helped find a new home for my pet terrapin.  I am so pleased that we finally found someone who wanted to take the little guy in.  They were incredibly excited so I think it is a win win situation for all. Thank you for your assistance.

Kind Regards Adam