Adopt a Terrapin

Terrapins are a species of turtle that normally lives in fresh water streams or brackish ponds, in waterways or even in larger river systems. There are many different sub-species of terrapins from across the world, but all of the variations of terrapins are just related types of turtles. Some are… Continue reading

Terrapins Bite

I just have come to know about the painful bite from your pet terrapin Tyson. I hope you are fully recovered by now. I was quite concerned because it could have been worse. It is said that once a terrapin bites you, it doesn’t let go till it thunders! I… Continue reading

Terrapin Museums

Hey humans, thanks for visiting me in one of the best Terrapin Museums of the world! You know me don’t you? You call me the Terrapin! You might have read a lot about me in your text books and watched movies about me on television. Now you have come to… Continue reading

Terrapins Shop

Planning to have a terrapin?…No problem, just get your cute teeny-weeny terrapin. Where to get your terrapin?… Well, you have two options: A shop who keeps terrapins; or From the Breeders. 1. Pet shop: While buying terrapins from a pet shop/terrapin shop, look for the following few things: The shop… Continue reading

European Pond Terrapins

Hi, this is Emys. I am here to welcome you all for a discussion on European Pond Terrapins today. I have been allowed to say a few words about us on this occasion. We are here to talk and exchange our opinion about the population of European Pond Terrapins. The… Continue reading

Maryland Terrapins

Diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin; family Emydidae) are popularly known as ‘Maryland terrapins’. They are labeled as official state reptilesof Maryland since 1994. Even the University of Maryland College Park has also chosen this species as their official mascot. They prefer to live in the less salty and unpolluted brackish water… Continue reading

Terrapins How To: Breeding

Do you know nothing about terrapin breeding? Just cool down dear terrapin lover…! Here are some useful and handy tips and guidelines regarding one of the most frequently asked questions – “How to breed my pet terrapins”? Step One: Things you will need: A male terrapin A female terrapin One… Continue reading

Amphibians of the Reptile World

Studies on the fossils prove that the reptiles were present on the earth about 320 million years ago. Turtles are categorized under the class Reptiles and their fossils, unearthed from various parts of the world, have confirmed their presence approximately 250 million years before. Reptiles are one step superior to… Continue reading