Cost of Buying a Terrapin


Common Terrapin IllnessesTerrapins are much easier to buy than looking after because these small reptiles in captivity really need good care and attention for survival.

You should realize this before bringing the teeny-weeny terrapin to your home.

Buying a terrapin does not mean purchasing the creature only. You have to get the proper kit beforehand for setting up an almost natural environment for it.



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You will need:

A square and transparent glass tank (Terrapinarium) to store clean water within which your terrapin can swim freely.

A good water filter, net, and a siphon to replace the water frequently;

Aa UV lamp, to be fitted in the tank, in case it is deprived of the warmth of the sunlight. A florescent lamp, especially made for the reptiles can be the best option as it can provide both UV-A and UV-B in actual proportion. Remember, terrapins are cold blooded reptiles.

An elevated platform (Basking zone) to be made inside the tank so that your pet can come out of the water from time to time to take sunbath.

A thermostatic heater, which is to be fitted inside the tank to control the water temperature at 20º to 23º C. The old fashioned filament lamp can also be useful.

Well balanced food and supplements.

The contact number of a good veterinary doctor nearby.

The initial set up may cost a little high, but after all it is going to keep YOUR pet healthy in the long run.

Well, now you have your terrapinarium ready with all necessary equipments and you are watching your pet swimming happily in the water.


But keep a few things in mind:

  1. Check and change water regularly because their feces can pollute the water which smells terribly and cause several kinds of infections. Use net to take out the uneaten foods also.
  2. Vitamin D deficiency can deform their shell. Make sure that it is getting vitamin rich food and enough sunlight or artificial source of UV light but never leave them in direct sunlight for long
  3. Provide protein rich non-vegetarian food during the growing stage. Adults prefer to eat vegetables more.

Don’t panic if your terrapin is not eating properly. It is a common and temporary occurring. Just wait and watch for a few days before calling the doctor.

Give care, love and affection to your terrapin and see it growing up with pleasure….!


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