A day in the life of a sea turtle

Terrapin FoodGranny and baby sea-turtle were swimming through the colourful corals of the rocky sea bed, the generation new and old. The granny is 90 years old and the baby turtle is just one.

The baby turtle was trying to learn how to catch shrimps, a savory delight! She suddenly urged, “Granny, tell me some stories…”! Granny smiled and said, “Baby, I can remember my childhood when I also used to swim around with my Granny.

She knew a lot about the earth and our origin and evolution. She taught me how to acquire healthy food… about the mighty and dangerous deep sea animals …about the tide…and many more necessary facts. She had experience of 100 years and knew a lot about sea life. Today, it is my chance!

Dear baby, you will be surprised to know that we, the turtles are among the oldest living species on this earth! Our first ancestor appeared around 215 million years back! They walked with the great dinosaurs and that also long before the human race appeared on the earth!

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We normally live in the sub-tropical or tropical regions and in many parts of Europe, North America, UK, and Australia. But we have adapted notably with the climatic changes. Hence if necessary, we can survive in the colder regions also. But we need to hibernate during the severe chill.

We are Reptiles and classified under the Kingdom – Animalia, Phylum – Chordata, Class – Sauropsida, Superorder – Chelonia and Order Testudines. We can grow up to 80 inches in length and more than 900kg in weight. Just imagine!!

We carry the bony shell on our back proudly and can retract within it for safety. Unfortunately, some members of our order have become extinct from the face of the earth, and among the surviving 300 species, many are extremely endangered.

“BRRRRRR…..!!! It’s quite cold out here” shivered the baby turtle. Granny nodded and explained, “Yes because we reptiles are cold-blooded animals. Tomorrow we’ll have a good sun-bath, OK?”

“Granny, you know yesterday papa told me that we have huge number of rod cells and special cone cells in our retinas so that we can see color and have night vision also! WOW! HOW EXCITING…!”

Granny hugged her and then whispered, “Look there, we’ll have a great treat today. Though I prefer to include some vegetables in my diet, but remember, we are basically carnivores. Let’s enjoy some tasty shrimps before the sun sets…!!”