The story of Mr. Terrapin

  It is long since Mr. Terrapin won the race against Mr. Hare. Unfortunately, Mr. Hare is no more. He was humiliated by his own fellow hares for the rest of his life. Mentally shaken, he went into great depression and breathed his last due to a massive cardiac arrest. Mr. Terrapin is very old … Read more

How to look after terrapins

  Terrapins are the oldest surviving species on the earth and walked along with the great and mighty dinosaurs much before the evolution of the Homo sapiens. Many people find terrapin as the right kind of pet for them. But they being very delicate creatures need a lot of attention. Handling captive terrapins is a … Read more

Common terrapin injuries

Terrapins are small, delicate, and prone to injuries easily due to various reasons like mishandling, aggression, etc. Handling and watching them properly can reduce the chances of such injuries. Injuries can also take place because of fights and encounters over their own territory. Sometimes even they fight among their own species. The soft tissues or … Read more

An anatomy of a sea turtle

The external feature of sea turtles looks simple at the first sight with their limbs, head, and the shell, but internally it is quite complex! Their anatomy is comprised of various organ systems like skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive, reproductive, and excretory systems as described below. Skeletal System Anatomically the body of a sea turtle … Read more

A day in the life of a sea turtle

Granny and baby sea-turtle were swimming through the colourful corals of the rocky sea bed, the generation new and old. The granny is 90 years old and the baby turtle is just one. The baby turtle was trying to learn how to catch shrimps, a savory delight! She suddenly urged, “Granny, tell me some stories…”! … Read more

Are terrapins aggressive?

Terrapins are basically calm and quiet and do not make any sound to express their feelings. But, at time they may become aggressive. Even certain behavior of the owner or the handler can agitate them too. As a matter of fact the characteristics differ in different species of terrapins. Terrapins are reptiles with strong beaks … Read more